The former home of Australian Fine China was for many decades a centre of craftsmanship and creativity. Indigo, China Green honours that heritage and brings the same levels of creativity and craftsmanship to create the very best of Subiaco living. It offers a balance between stylish design and a commitment to community spirit and interaction. 

Australian Fine China

The site of Indigo, China Green is entrenched in history, on land that was once the bustling domain of the porcelain industry and the site of Australian Fine China. From the early 1920s through to 2006, Australian Fine China produced a range of chinaware for sale around Australia, including some well known collector brands, namely Wembley Ware.

Originally named The Calyx Porcelain and Paint Company, the facility utilised the Perth-Fremantle railway to bring in raw materials and deliver a finished range of domestic chinaware including cups, saucers and bowls and industrial items such as electricity insulators. By 1924 the site contained four kilns and produced more than 5,500 items per day.

In 1934 the company was reported as making the best porcelain articles in Australia and serviced Commonwealth and State Governments, the defence forces and leading hotels throughout Australia.

The company underwent a number of names change over the years including Bristile, Wembley Ware and Bristile Fine China, finally culminating in Australian Fine China in 1991. At this time the company launched its Macquarie collection of crockery, utilising designs by a number of prominent Western Australian artists. and exporting 90 per cent of their production to the Eastern States, New Zealand, the South Pacific, the Middle East and Malaysia.

By 2004, with 120 workers producing four million items annually and a catalogue of 800 items, Australian Fine China relocated its operations from Subiaco to Welshpool, releasing the site for redevelopment for residential and recreational use.

Celebrating the past and creating the future

The toil, industry and artistry that forms the heritage of the site is now celebrated, shaping the textures, feel, layout and use of China Green.

The Tunnel Kiln, Calyx Wall and factory machinery have been incorporated into the development and a heritage trail will ensure the new development retains valuable links to its industrial past. Artefacts will be found in gardens, lobbies, forecourts, private and public space, encouraging exploration and an appreciation of the area’s history.

By celebrating elements of the past, a new future is created; encouraging community interaction, flexibility and growth whilst respecting historic foundations.
Indigo China Green is all about space, life and community. It’s simply a nicer place to live.

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